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Hesky Kutscher
Founder & CEO, MotherKnows

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Hesky is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to revolutionize and simplify the way families manage their children’s health. Hesky is Founder and CEO of MotherKnows, headquartered in Palo Alto.  MotherKnows has raised $1.7 Million in a Series A from First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, Giza Ventures, and Band of Angels. Hesky’s previous company Shoplocal was acquired by Tribune and Gannett in 2004. Hesky is also Chairman and founder of High Gear Media, a leading automotive content network.

Describe your company in 140 characters or less.

MotherKnows lets parents access their children’s medical records. Parents can have this info for form-filling, traveling, and emergencies.

Why are you passionate about transforming health tech?

It is just amazing that in 2012 we can manage all our finances and meet new people online but we cannot access our medical records online.

What was your biggest “a-ha!” moment?

It was during a time when I was rehabilitating from an injury that I realized that I had completely forgotten who I saw and what tests were run on me.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with other entrepreneurs?

Jump in and be tenacious. Nobody wakes up thinking about you so YOU need to remind them who you are and why they need you.

What is your super power?

Connecting with people and getting them to help our cause.

Who inspires you?

People who have achieved much but have their ego in check.

What innovation will transform healthcare most in the next 24 months and why?

The ability for anyone anywhere to have total online access to their own health information.

What is your mantra?

HUSTLE and never give up.

What do you do for fun?

Traveling all around the world.

Answer a question you wish we had asked.

What is your mission? To make the world a better place.

Learn more about Hesky and the rest of the team at MotherKnows.com or follow them on twitter.

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