StartUp Health Healthcare Transformers at Digital Health Conference in NYC

New York eHealth Collaborative’s Digital Health Conference will bring together over 600 health IT professionals to hear insights, ideas, and analysis from industry thought leaders and innovators who are shaping the future of healthcare through the use of technology. The exciting event is next week, on October 15-16, 2012.

In addition to the stellar speaker line-up including StartUp Health’s Steven Krein and keynote speakers Dr. David J. Brailer and best-selling author of Freakonomics Stephen J. Dubner, some of StartUp Health’s Healthcare Transformers will be giving demos on stage!

Be sure to check out Healthcare Transformers Beyond Lucid Technologies, Docphin, Medikly, and brand new edition to the lineup, Medivo, on the main stage on day two!

Jonathon Feit and Chris Witt are entrepreneurs on a mission to improve emergency care by putting digital innovations in the hands of EMTs and Firefighters.  Beyond Lucid Technologies'  MEDIVIEW™ Platform is designed to connect first responders with care facilities, including Accountable Care Organizations. It is the first electronic patient care record system built specifically for disaster management, including integrated satellite-based GPS that works both online and offline (i.e., when the network shuts down), and telehealth capabilities that let care providers access prehospital data within 30 seconds, making patient pre-registrations possible at last. Beyond Lucid Technologies are fresh off their prestigious win the at the 2012 DC to VC Showcase

Sachin Nanavati is part of a team of physicians and entrepreneurs on a mission to transform the way we practice medicine. Docphin is a platform for healthcare providers to personalize, share, and connect through medical research, while enabling hospitals to meet new accreditation and funding requirements. Mitesh Patel, MD, MBA (CEO), Sachin Nanavati (COO), and Derek Juang, MD (CTO) launched Docphin nationally in May 2012 at three medical centers and by August it had spread to over 35 of the top health systems in the country including Harvard, Penn, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and UCSF. Docphin has partnered with several national organizations including the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Docphin was a 2012 DC to VC finalist.

Jason Bhan, MD, is on a mission to revolutionize the way physicians and patients leverage lab testing to make better decisions leading to improved health. Jason is EVP and Chief Medical Officer of Medivo, which he co-founded with serial entrepreneur Sundeep Bhan and Destry Sulkes, MD. The Medivo platform collects subjective and objective clinical data from labs, apps, and devices to help physicians provide better care and helps patients monitor their health better.

Venkat Gullapalli, MD, is a physician, pharmaceutical marketer, and serial entrepreneur on a mission to reinvent how pharmaceutical brands communicate with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Venkat is the founder and CEO of Medikly, a turnkey enterprise platform provider that helps bridge the digital gap between pharma and HCPs. Medikly is headquartered in New York City and its customers include top-10 pharmaceutical companies and healthcare marketing agencies. Medikly will be at the Digital Health Conference demo representing both StartUp Health and Blueprint Health.

Registration for the Digital Health Conference ends Friday, October 12th at 5pm EST. Register now with StartUp Health’s special 30% discount code: SUH.

Check out the full two-day agenda here.